A piece of valuable history

Ainola's story began in 1899 when Otto Kurth bought the estate from a local forest ranger, at the price of 2400 FIM. Otto designed and built the main building Ainola, the old Anjala, Nukkula, Muonala, Vesilä and the stables. The reason why he originally built Ainola is still unknown. Otto gave up Ainola in 1939 to it's new owner, Ragnar Norström. Price was a lot higher at that time, allmost a half a million FIM. During war, in 1939-40, life in Ainola was lively, nearly 50 people were accommodated there. Besides the owner family, Ainola served as a home to professor T.M. Kivimäki and general Wallenius and to both of their families. At that time parcels were sent to front row soldiers from the mansion. Several celebrities have visited Ainola. Colonel Nordström was visited by the commander of the Lapland army Eduard Dietl, not to mention president Kekkonen, provincial governers of Lapland, and generals of the Swedish army.

Welcome to a unforgettable hunting jurney to Ainola!