Ainola Premises


Anjala (main building)

Anjala is a modern building with accomodation for up to 18 persons (9 double rooms), all rooms with shower and toilet. Anjala is where both breakfast and dinner is served.

Beach Sauna

The Sauna of "Urho Kekkonen" by the lake of Torasjärvi, with a cousy parlour with a fireplace of natural stone.

Old Ainola

The old main building of the Estate. A great place for all kind of occations.


A small red hous by the old machine shed, this is the holy personnel environment.


A traditional smokesauna by the lake of Torasjärvi. A really nice experience in the warm season.

The Stable

The old stable where You will find The Stable Pub, storage room for firearms,, changinroom with drying facilities for wet cloths, the place where our costomers cloths and firearms are kept. The place from where the hunting starts as well as where it ends.

The new machine shed

The new machine shed is next to the Stable, here You find fuel pumps, the sloter house and the garage for tractors and cars at the Estate.

The old machine shed

The old machine shed is in the center of the courtyard. Her You find the workshop, garage for quads etc., a main storage room and the office of the Estate Manager.


Next to the main gate the Estate Managers house is to be find together with facilities for our huntingdogs.

Wilderness lodge

The wilderness lodge is located about 5 km from the estate in the midle of the butiful nature. A non electified building in the center of Ainolas hunting area. The real destination for bird hunting entusiasts that like beeing on their own. The place where You defenately can enjoy hunting and wilderness. By the lodge is a spring from where water is carried, a real wilderness sauna and a lean-to of Lappish deadwood.

Shooting range

We have our own shooting range where rifle sights can be zeroed in. The shooting range is also equiped with a clay launcher where You can warm up before bird hunting.

Ainola air field

Ainolas own air field with a runway (paved) of 1 km. For any further information contact the Estate Manager.